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A supply chain that has been strategically vetted, audited, and proven is the key to the global demands that manufacturing has today. Our job at ORS Companies is to make your supply chain a more integrated part of your business, by allowing us to handle the day-to-day tasks and take control of consolidation efforts.  We work to keep you informed every step. 

We transform your inventory control by utilizing Six Sigma efforts such as KanBan, JIT, PokeYoke, and VMI systems. If you want to simply place orders, we can do that! If you want to set up KanBan systems and replenish them in a just-in-time schedule, we can do that! If you want to hand over the wheel like some of our valued Fortune 500 companies have trusted us to do, ORS Companies can do vendor management of your inventory, place PO's towards min/max levels on blanket POs, we are happy to do that too! Remember, our job is to make your job easier! ​

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Supply Chain Management: Services
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