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You have obstacles in your production or supply chain, logistic nightmares, profits are shrinking, and now you’re trying to find the best solution to turn it all around.
Relax, we will work to develop processes, quote, source, and build relationships for you. Whether it’s the President or one of our Team Members, our job is to make your job easier.

What We Solve: Text

What We Solve

We are struggling in a changing marketplace, can you help us?

We get the changes and struggles many of our customers have faced in the past with manufacturing and have proven our ability to turn a difficult and complicated operation into a simpler, smoother process. Our job is simply to make yours easier.

How do I know that ORS Companies, is the right Company for us?

We represent the highest level of clients in each of their perspective markets and to grow and sustain profitable work with exponential growth year in and year out, while continuously building our network to service 100% of our clients’ needs.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

ORS Companies represents clients in multiple fields and we don’t stop there. We are used to contract many other services as well for customers that don’t wish to ad new suppliers or both with salesmen that don’t know there business as well as us.

Meeting Manufacturing Needs

To get a pulse on today’s manufacturing needs, we here at oneRepSALES interviewed and compiled data on the struggles major executives at some of the south’s largest OEMs, were having in today’s market.  They attribute most of these struggles to not having the proper level of staff members in their purchasing departments.  Case in point, a major golf cart manufacturer admitted to having fourteen purchasing agents just four years ago and now they have a team of four doing all of their sourcing.  Do you think they’re capturing all the cost downs and improvements in the market place?  This is where oneRepSALES comes in to ….”make your job easier”.

What We Solve: FAQ
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